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Install and maintain residential & commercial electrical systems, plumbing and heating systems. We give special care to achieve perfection in every service.

  • Plumbing ServicesRegular care and plumbing helps
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  • HVAC ServicesProvide fast hvac service to our clients
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Aqualine Plumbing, Electrical & Heating Federal Way

The plumbing system of your house is the most essential system. If this goes wrong surely everything else can fall in a lot of trouble. But for all the homeowners knowing that there is one superb and helpful plumbing firm, can be relief. Plumber Federal Way is the go-to plumber that you can trust. Do you know why we are the best? Our staffs offer affordable, friendly, and effective services. We always try to exceed your expectations. And we take all requests seriously.
We are a brand name and we are known for our on-time and round the clock service. Along with we have skilled experts who can help you at the time of need. We ensure that the customers get the best services for their needs. With our services you can be sure that you get the total peace of mind. You can also be confident of the services that we can offer to you. So you can call on us when you need us the most. We always stand for our work and we do not hesitate going an extra mile for your happiness. We get the job done quickly and you wouldn’t need to worry about anything else.
With our experts you will not need to get into the DIY yourself. You can simply leave it to us and get to enjoying your day. Simply let us handle the tasks. Your DIY skills might be good to revamp your living room but when it comes to leaks and other plumbing issues, you must leave it to experts like us.


Our expert technicians

The staffs that we have in our team are all skilled. They are known to work in different projects. The experts from Plumber Federal Way are fluent with installing gas lines and electric water heaters. With the help of our staff you can put all your problems behind you. We can help you preventing all issues. We help in putting an end to all of your issues before they even crop up. Of course you can’t be aware of the various issues that might be up and coming but our experts plan ahead of time. We have various plans which include scheduled service and maintenance.

Our plans are especially designed for our customers who always stay on top of their needs. The various advantages of our plans are:

All customers are top Priority: If you are going through a critical situation be assured you are our top priority. If you need urgent solutions of any kind, we have yourback. We are covering you for whenever you need us. And whenever you need us, you will always be placed at the top of our list. This applies to all our customers. Our customers are at the top of our list all the time.

Preferential discounted Pricing: As a customer of Federal Way plumber, you have an advantage. You have The advantage of getting exclusive discounted prices. This applies to all our services. Our prices are below the pricing of all our competitors. Our dynamic prices have coaxed a lot of our customers to have their house fitted with best technologies.

Periodic offers: We have a lot of regard for our customers. We offer additional discounts to our loyal customers on special occasions. We make sure that our customers do a lot of saving throughout the year. These periodic offers that we have are one of a kind and unique. These suit all our customers as well. Also for our loyal customers, we offer loyalty bonus and bonus points. These bonus points can be used at the time of payments as well. The add-on VIP discounts also make the customers feel delighted.

Customised reports: As a member of Federal Way Plumber family, we have a customised report for all customers. We have all the records of inspections done on your plumbing framework. We always look at these records before we begin helping you with your needs. We also offer an effective and a fast solution. Our solutions are effective and fast and they are all reliant on your past plumbing history.

Same experts are sent always: We always ensure that we send our experts to your house. The ones who already know you and your house well are only the ones sent to your house. It is because you already have a faith in them. You have already seen them work in your house. You know them well, and so does your family.

Multiple sites ensured: We cover and ensure multiple sites for our customers. We cover their business, house and other facilities. We have certain plans in which we cover additional and multiple buildings in one plan. This helps our customers to save more on their plumbing costs. Our plans are one of a kind and we offer facilities to all our customers.

Transferrable agreement: If by any chance you plan to sell your house, don’t worry. You can also transfer your agreement with that. Your agreement can be easily transferred to new property owners. This also enhances the value of your house making it all the more protected. Besides, agreement can be transferred in just a few clicks. This can be easily done on our website. If you face any kind of trouble while transferring the agreement, simply get in touch with us. Our customer service reps will help you and guide you the best.

Why choose Plumber Federal Way WA?

Not all the companies dealing in plumbing work can assure things that we do. We at Plumber Federal Way WA offer up-front pricing, insured technicians, superior parts, and also courteous support. If you require drain cleaning or want to schedule a plumbing inspection for your house, plumbing services from Plumber Federal Way WA can handle it all! Our experts are skilled. They are equipped with the modern tools that are required to achieve maximum results.

Installation & Replacement

In case you are planning to upgrade the plumbing fixtures in your residential or commercial place, just call us. Our team of highly trained and skilled plumbers is always ready to assist you. All your plumbing installation needs can be dealt with easily. We are also aware of the superb plumbing replacement practices. We do the replacement of all major brands of residential plumbing equipment. In case it is an installation of a new toilet or a new water softener, let our experts handle it. Our experts can help you well with all your plumbing needs.

At Plumber Federal Way WA our staff include Plumbing installation and upgrades. Our experts can help you in efficiently install or replace your new plumbing equipment. We can also configure it well so it worksperfectly with your current sewer and plumbing systems. Our plumbing experts will even assess your current plumbing frameworks. We can also make recommendations for installation of a new fixture or for upgrades. We are also extremely proud to offer fast and correct work that we do right the first time. Our experts make it a point to arrive on time. We do our best to reduceany kind of delay to your daily routine.

Installation of Faucets

Installation of faucets are a common service that we Plumber Federal Way WA perform. We receive multiple requestsfor faucet installation. Even if you need a faucet for your kitchen sink, or bathroom sink, or even a utility sink, we got your back. We have a team of experts who have a number of years of experience in the same domain. Our experts know how to work for a great variety of sinks from various manufacturers. We know exactly how to install the faucets properly. Installing faucets promptly means prevention of leaks. Additionally it avoids the risk of further repairs in the times to come.

For a reliable installation of faucets, you can get in touch with our experts.

Cost of faucet installation

Faucets are all very different. They differon the basis of features and complexity. The cost of faucet also depends of these features and complexity. Similarly the cost of installation also varies to a greater degree. In case you want to get an idea of costs of faucet installation, simply request on our website. We will offer you the estimate online. It is because we believe in transparent communication with our customers. The experts in our team won’t start the work until you are aware of the cost and you give a go-ahead. We will only begin the work once we receive a go-ahead from your end. For all kind of faucet installation services you can always get in touch with us.


Do you think your new house needs Electrical Rewiring? In case you have just bought a new house, you must be on the top of world. Of course, why not!! After all it is an exciting milestone that you have achieved in your life. You would be now settling your things in and becoming familiar with the new design. You would also become accustomed to the local dining and shopping places and your neighbourhood. But the most important of all would be putting some solid consideration into the major frameworks of your house. These major frameworks include plumbing and electric frameworks.
Most of the newly purchased houses need major plumbing and electric upgrades. Some of the housesalready have the latest equipment in place. But how can you be so sure till you move in? or if you have some expert who can guide you.
This is where electrician Federal Way WA will help you. For obvious reasons you wouldn’t know the kind of electric framework your house already has. You won’t know how old or new the framework is. You also would not know the history of the past repairs. This would only become clear to you if you get the information from the previous homeowner. Now, this also can’t be assured if they will give you a clear view. So the best would be to leave all of this analysis and investigation to the experts like us. The expert electricians from Electrician Federal Way WA will help you with all your electrician related needs. Especially if you are moving in a new house, getting in touch with our experts can help you assess the property as well.
Our experts can have an analysis done on your property. This way they would be able to assess any future requirement of electric repairs. As a matter of fact, we would be doing these assessments free of cost. We can also suggest you the upgrades that you can do to your electric frameworks. Some of the factors you can lookout for at the time of electric upgrades include the following.
The age of the house
The houses that are quite old do not have the strength to handle the needs of contemporary electrical appliances. Older homes were not built that ways. Many of the houses these days were built much before the time microwaves and computers were invented. So in case you are moving in to a house that is quite old, you may want to get the wiring changed. This is particularly essential as these days modern technology require modern and strong wiring. To adapt to the electrical needs of your family you need to change your electric wiring. Particularly if it was built long ago. Now we have refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers in our houses. Heaters, air conditioners and computers are also there in all of our rooms. Electric shavers, blow dryers, geysers and washing machines in our washrooms. So don’t you think there is a requirement of strong and sturdy electric frameworks?
Frequently tripping circuit Breakers
If you think that your breakers are always tripping then you need to understand that it is not normal. Don’t let people fool you. Surely these circuit breakers do not trip just like that. These circuit breakers keep your house secure. Tripping of circuit breakers implies changing in the electronic voltage. They keep your house safe and secure. In case the wires or electric devices become overloaded, these circuits trip. Trip implies turning off. So whenever there is a change in the voltage, the electric supply to that device gets disconnected. It saves the device from sudden blasting and thus protecting your house and the device.
In clearer terms, an overloaded wire become extremely hot. This could resultin a major electrical risk leading to fire and loss of property. Even in the extreme conditions it could lead to death as well. Therefore if you notice your circuit breakers tripping quite frequently, consider it a major red flag. This indicates that it is now time for an electric upgrade. You must then get in touch with our experts as Electrician Federal Way. We will help you in the best way possible.
Frequent fluctuation of lights
If you find that you nights are fluctuating frequently every time you start using a large appliance, again you need to get it checked. This could be possible when you are putting on your vacuum cleaner or oven. Again, don’t let anyone fool you with this. Many people might say it is normal but be assured that it surely is not. In case your electrical framework is upgraded, there should be no fluctuating in the electricity. There would be no change in the voltage fluctuation if your electrical system is fully upgraded.
But in case you notice this kind of fluctuation frequently, it is now time to call electrician Federal Way. You must get in touch with our experts if you notice any kind of fluctuation happening in your house. Electrical frameworks can get risky is not dealt with properly. Also it could lead to mishaps in case you are not careful.
Another reason you need to utilise the services of Electrician Federal Way is if you are using electrical cords. It is fine to use electrical cords often. But it is a temporary solution. In case you have a lot of dependence on the electrical cords it implies you have less power outlets. You need to get new power outlets installed in that case. This is the only safest option. In case you keep on using electrical cords, this could get risky. In case you have kids at home, they might end up fiddling with the electrical cords. Your pets are also at risk. This could get risky and it can lead to electrocution and even death. Also do not use water around these electrical cords. If water seeps in to the electrical cords, it could also lead to electrocution. Therefore your safest option of using electrical cords could also turn out to be the most dangerous option. Get power outlets installed. These power outlets should be at a height where your kids and pets cannot reach them.
For the installation of new power outlets you can get in touch with electrician Federal Way. Our experts can install the power outlets in your house easily. You wouldn’t even need to use electrical power cords anymore.
In case you bought a new home, you would want new and upgraded appliances in it. Indeed there are all kinds of appliances. Some of them may suck up a lot of electricity while others may not. In case you are installing large appliances, you need to check the energy consumption of the same. You need to find out if the energy consumption of your electrical appliances would be in sync with the current electric supply. Your old appliances might be able to take the load of less electricity but it won’t be the case with new appliances.
A fire is the last thing you would want in your new house. This is the reason you need to bring in an expert from Federal Way electrician who can check and assess your house. The faulty wiring is one of the major reasons of fires in residential and commercial buildings. But if you get your wiring checked before moving in you can actually avoid a lot of miss-happening.
We at Federal Way electrician care the most about the customer safety. Electrical re-wiring is very important for your house. And if you are getting all the rewiring done from an expert like us, you can surely expect wonders. Electrical rewiring undoubtedly helps a great deal in ensuring that your house is safer. It plays a great role in ensuring that your home is safe for your kids, pets and elders. The skilled Federal Way electrician always help and bring out the best in your house.
Surely an unexpected expense of repairs to your home can actually disrupt the entire financial planning. Our firm is one of the best known for offering multiple methods of payment. We do understand that at times of emergencies people may not be even carrying enough cash. This is the reason we also offer financing options for our clients and customers. We make sure that our customers are comfortable with the pricing and payment methods. Any kind of issues related to your electrical framework needs to be dealt by experts. The electrical framework which has a lot of glitches can prove to be a burden for residents. Apart from being a burden it can also lead to a lot of issues and mishaps.
This is the reason why experts from our firm are dedicated and committed to providing expert services. We are a trusted firm and a lot of customers and clients keep coming back to us for their needs. Our customers also recommend us further to their family and friends. We not only help the people in this Federal Way but in cities across the country. Therefore for any electrical issue related needs, you can always get in touch with us.


Do you feel that your air conditioner system is not functioning as well as it should? Or it is acting cranki and more terrible? Is it not working in the manner it should? Don’t worry. You are at the right place. We at AC repair Federal Way, offer all the AC servicing services that you require. Our certified and experts get are fully trained and equipped in helping you. They have an experience of working on a wide range of AC systems. This makes us the best AC Servicing Firm that you can rely upon for all of your commercial or residential cooling needs.
We serve areas starting from Arizona to Illinois as we offer services in all cities of the nation. We offer servicing and maintenance to your cooling units at your homes or offices. Our experts give expert advice and services when it comes to AC services. These include:

  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Replacement

To plan the servicing of your AC system, you need to get in touch with the AC specialists at AC repair Federal Way today. In case you want an emergency fix, don’t sweat it. Simply call us today for your AC repairs no matter what time of the day it is. We specialise in providing round the clock services to our clients. For us, the comfort of our clients matter the most. This is the reason we take these things very seriously.
Set aside some cash for your AC Repairs
In case you are hoping to save a good deal of money on your AC services, look at our discount coupons! We have coupons for seasons as well. And we also have a lot of discounted coupons. We do understand that at times when breakdowns occur they can be result to be an expensive fix. This is the reason we like to make the repairs to your AC as easy as could be done. You can get in touch with us and know more about the extraordinary offers that we have. We have our offers available on the internet as well. You can always check our website for more information on this discounted, seasonal and occasional coupons. To know more about our offers get to our website now.
Installation of ACs
You can always get in touch with us. You can depend on Federal Way ac repair as we can install your air conditioner system. Our experts take the measurements of your home to locate the ideal cooling unit. The unit as recommended by our experts meets your financial plan and your efficiency needs as well. We are known to install the leading air-conditioners as well as the locally procured ones. You can call us today so that you can find out more about our procedure of installation of AC.
Cooling Repair
In Arizona, summers can get sweltering. This is the main reason why a working air conditioning system is critical to remain comfortable. Tragically, a breakdown can occur leaving your home warm and sizzling. When you are creating your plan to get it fixed, you can always rely on Federal Way ac repair. We are in this business for last 3 decades and we have experience of pretty much every issue there is. Our technicians are the expert of this industry. They will point out the best remedy for the repair of your ac. Besides, you can always check for our reviews and testimonials that are posted on the internet. In case you need any kind of AC fixing help, you can always get in touch with Federal Way AC repair.
Round the clock Emergency Air Conditioner Repair
We likewise offer emergency services to those days when you require it the most. Regardless of whether it is end of the week, or a holiday or amidst the night, you can rely on us. We will ensure that your AC units are fixed quickly.
Cooling Maintenance
You surely need your AC system to keep going throughout the entire summer with insignificant issues. If this is what your expectation is, make sure you are giving a yearly service and maintenance. It is superbly fundamental. With an AC service, you can stress less over a breakdown. More so you can get a lot of profit by:

  • More energyefficient cooling
  • Lower costs of cooling
  • More reliable temperatures
  • Fewer fixes and repairs to your AC units
  • Longer life
  • Better quality of indoor air
  • More trustworthy indoor comfort.

At ac repair Federal Way WA, we understand that time is money. If you neglect doing regular upkeeps to your ac system, you might lose on a huge amount of cash. To make it simple on our clients, we offer a reminder plan. This plan is available to all our loyal and long term customers. The advantages of plan incorporate the following:

  • Flat rate prices for all the repairs
  • No charges ever for holiday and after-hour repairs
  • Priority scheduling
  • Discounts on fixes
  • Home inspection every year
  • And so much more

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our process.
AC repair Federal Way WA are the most trusted ac servicing offerr. We are in the industry for almost 3 decades. We offer all kinds of cooling services to your commercial and residential properties. With long experience and expert training, our experts are prepared to handle any kind of issue you are facing. Toss your problems at our direction and see us solving them for you. When you require proficient service for your AC servicing, you can rely on AC Repair Federal Way WA. Get in touch with us or call us to schedule the service of your air conditioner.
At the point when summer arrives, a broken air conditionerin appears to be a punishment in the sweltering weather. It is understandable that an AC unit is an essential part of a comfortable home. Our team at AC repair Federal Way ensure that we give quick service during the emergencies. We offer services in the Federal Way and all the surrounding areas. With more than 3 decades of experience of the industry under our belts, we are very much equipped to assist you with any fixes you may require to your AC system.
To plan a service simply call us up. We will ensure that we offer prompt service.

At heating Federal Way, we offer all kinds of heating system services you require. Ranging from heating system repair to furnace maintenance, we offer dependable indoor comfort. Our services ensure that all your cooler months are spent comfortably. Our certified and licenced technicians receive extensive training in servicing all types of heating systems. It makes us one of the superb local heating firm you can rely on. We offer heating services for every project which implies residential and commercial heating projects.
Our range of services goes way beyond Arizona. We serve businesses and houses in areas in and around Arizona and so much more. You can get in touch with us for a range of services such as:

  • Repair of heating pumps
  • Maintenance of heating pumps
  • Replacement of heating pumps
  • Installation of heating pumps
  • Repair of furnace
  • Installation of furnace
  • Maintenance and upkeep of furnace
  • Replacement of furnace
  • Repair of boiler
  • Replacement of boiler
  • Installation of boilers
  • Maintenance of boilers
  • And so much more…

To have your servicing scheduled for your heating unit, get in touch with us. Our experts at heating Federal Way will help you the best way possible. With our services, you can be assured of the best treatment of your heating equipment. We can help you in saving the money on your heating services.
We can make you spare a lot of cash by letting you use our loyalty programs and seasonal coupons. We have a number of plans as well which would help you get the best services in the best prices. Services to your heating equipment are at times not planned. So it is better not to let a hole burn in your pocket. Getting money invested in your heating system can also get tiring, so it is best to leave it to experts.
How can you save money on heating services through Federal Way heating?
Our seasonal coupons and loyalty programs make you save a lot of time and money on your heating equipment. With the help of these loyalty programs you can get your heating equipment repaired. These repairs could be done in the most feasible way as possible. You can get in touch with us for our special offers.
Whenever you need any kind of repairs to your heating equipment, you can count on us. Our repair specialists at Federal Way heating repair offers you with the most efficient and quickest services. Our experts are trained to offer you with fully functional commercial and residential heating repairs. Besides, when you need urgent repairs, we offer round the clock repair services. We aim to restore your comfort in the shortest time possible. This is important because colder months are extremely difficult to bear. Therefore before your comfort gets interrupted, our expert technicians offer their help. We ensure we give our best. We aim to make sure your equipment are running as quickly as possible. Our heating repair is one of the best services you can get in the areas in and around the city.

Preventative Heating Maintenance
Do you want the heating system of your house to last as long as possible with minimal issues? Get a meeting scheduled with our experts as early as you can. We can help you in maintenance and servicing of your heating equipment. We ensure that we service your heating well so that it runs efficiently and safely. We make sure that your heating system is clean. We also ensure that the servicing of your machines do not lead to increment of your heating bills. We increase the efficiency of your machines but it doesn’t have any impact on your electricity bills.
What can you expect from Federal Way heating Repair?
We help you in maintenance of your heating unit. We offer the below mentioned to our esteemed customers.

  • More energy-efficient heating – Get your heating system serviced by us and we ensure that we help in reducing your electricity bills
  • Lower heating costs–We ensure that you get your heating costs lowered down. We do not charge you any more than what is required.
  • More consistent heating – The services we offer to your heating equipment makes you get consistent heating.
  • Fewer furnace and heating repairs. – After getting your equipment repaired by us, you would not need frequent repairs.
  • Longer heating system life. – Regular servicing of your equipment from heating Federal Way WA ensures that your system has a longer life.
  • Better indoor air quality. –Getting your system repaired through us will ensure that your indoor air quality improves.
  • More dependable indoor comfort.–With your serviced heating equipment you will have a comfortable environment.
  • Greater peace of mind. –you will have a greater peace of mind with a comfortable environment. Also our staff will reach your place in a matter of minutes. So there would be no delay and hence a greater peace of mind.

At heating Federal Way WA we understand that time is very important. It can slip away. You might also forget scheduling the maintenance of your heating equipment. But to make it easy for our customers, we help in giving constant reminders. Besides, we have a flat rate pricing on replacements and new installations. We have dynamic price value for our customers and give discounts on repairs. All our customers get a priority treatment when it comes to scheduling.
Get in touch with us today to avail the benefits of our services. Our loyal customers get a loyalty bonus and points which they can use at the time of payments.
Installation of heating system
Our staff is expert and has the knowledge of working on heating systems. Their skills will undoubtedly prove invaluable to you and your family. Our technicians answer your call whenever you need our assistance. Our customers have a confidence on us and it shows from the various reviews they post on our website. If you too want to have the same confidence, just get in touch with us now. Our expert technicians will stand by you just when you need them the most. Don’t worry when it comes to us. Your heating system with us is in safe hands.

For the comfort and safety of your family, you would want to keep your furnace running well. It is of course very critical for the well-being and comfort of your family. Winters here in Arizona can be very ruthless. If you have a furnace which is not working well, you will face a lot of issue. A furnace which is not working causes a lot of problem in winters. If your furnace needs repairing or is showing signs that it needs to be repaired, you need a trusted partner. A trusted partner will ensure that your furnace gets up and running in the first time. You must always trust our HVAC experts.
We have a team of experts who are trained to repair all types of furnace. We are a locally owned firm but are available at all times. We are the ones who take immense pride in what we do. We will repair your furnace quickly. With our assistance, you can be sure that your family is safe. With a properly running furnace system, you will be able to enjoy a properly heated house. Even on the coldest winter day, you won’t feel any pain.
The specialists that work for us are extremely skilled. They have worked in a wide range of furnace systems. This experience will help you in quick and efficient repair of your furnace framework. Our skilled furnace repairmen are always available on time, whenever you call them. Starting from installation to repair to maintenance to upkeep, we do it all. We know how to get the furnace repair done and we ensure that you get the best services.
Installation services – furnace installation
The furnace in your house may break down in case there has been a lot of years of wear and tear. You may also want to install a new heating unit in your residential or commercial property. When the temperature goes below zero, no one wants to think about not having furnace at home. But when it happens, you would require a quick and a rapid response from the furnace experts. Get in touch with us and call us at Federal Way furnace repair for the quickest response. We are also known for the speediest installation of your new furnace system. We will be happy to assist you. We shall also do whatever it takes to keep you and your family safe and warm.
No matter what kind of heating system you opt for, you can always be sure of our skilled experts. Our installation experts bring all the skills to the table. We ensure that the replacement of your furnace system is done right. We also ensure that the installation is done quickly. We always find out the best and apt size for your furnace needs. We send our furnace installation technicians to your house so that they can get measurements. Our furnace installation technicians will always assist you as they have years of experience. They are well-versed with installation and servicing of all kind of commercial and residential systems. We also help in installing all kind of brands and models. We offer all services for installation of furnaces of all brands.
If you need heat and furnace expert, be assured that you can count on us. We have a lot of customers who rely on Federal Way furnace repair. Our customers know us well. They recommend us to their friends and family as well.
Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair
How would you know that your furnace needs fixing? Some common indications that give a sign of repairing needs include the following. In case you experience any of this, you must give a call to furnace Federal Way WA as early as possible.

  • In case you are experiencing unusual sounds or smells from your furnace.
  • Poor heating throughout your house and property even when the furnace is up and running.
  • Running furnace but not heating the house well
  • Frequent switching of furnace cycles
  • Bills of gas moving up

These are some problems that point out that a more grave issue is brewing. Therefore the sooner you call us for repair, the better off you and your family will be.
Common cause of furnace issues
If you need furnace repair services you should trust us. We are there for you and make sure you get the best services. We at furnace Federal Way WA are always happy to help you. We offer all kinds of repair services to your furnace. We ensure that we get your furnace back in shape and in good running order. The common reasons of furnace problems include the following:

  • Poor upkeep and maintenance of furnace system
  • Dirty or clogged air filter
  • General wear and tear of the furnace system
  • 10 or 15 years old furnace system
  • Poorly sized system or size not matching the size of house
  • Broken or faulty parts

You can avoid the issues if you hire a firm like us. We know the work very well and make sure you get what they pay for. We are known for giving great satisfaction to the customers. We treat all tasks as important and give priority to customers.
Get in touch with us today and plan your appointment with our experts. We can look into all kinds of issues. You can also avoid any kind of repair issues. We would be more than happy to assist you. Just take our help today!
If you have any issues and need quick services do not forget to call us. We are a company you can trust and get best services at all times. Just give us a chance to serve you. We are there for you!

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